The Air Conditioning Problems That Can Be Prevented With Simple Cleaning Maintenance

Posted on: 27 April 2017

Dirty AC components are the main cause of problems with HVAC systems. The filter is not the only part of cleaning maintenance that you have to worry about when it comes to your AC; you will also want to clean vents, ducts, and the condensing coils. Doing this maintenance is essential to avoid problems when you need your AC most. Here are some of the most important cleaning tasks that need to be done to prevent AC failure this summer:
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4 Tips on Finding a High Quality HVAC Contractor to Install Your New System

Posted on: 26 April 2017

Once you have decided to buy a new HVAC system for your home, you need to find the right contractor to install it. The following are a few things to keep mind when looking for an HVAC contractor. Avoid hiring the lowest bid A good HVAC installation company is going to have more overhead than a low cost competitor, so they will charge higher prices. But part of the reason for this is that they will have certified technicians and will be working out of a shop or office.
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3 Common Problems Of Electronic Air Cleaners

Posted on: 25 April 2017

An electronic air cleaner is one of the best ways to ensure that the air circulating through your home's HVAC system is as clean as possible. These cleaners go one step beyond mere air filters by capturing dust, pet dander, and other allergens on electrostatically charged metal plates. Yet their great power also comes with potential drawbacks. If you would like to learn more about the sorts of problems to which an electronic air cleaner is subject, read on.
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Why You Should Keep Your AC Condenser Unit Clean, And How To Do It

Posted on: 24 April 2017

The condenser unit for your central air system sits outside of your home. Because of its exposure to the elements and nature, you must take some time now and then to make sure it's clean. Why You Need to Keep the Condenser Unit Clean Your AC condenser unit contains essential parts that contribute to the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system. The compressor Cooling fins A fan Condenser coil Since the condenser sits outside, it's prone to attracting all types of dirt and debris.
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