What Are the Most Common AC Services?

Posted on: 5 January 2024

As summer heats up, you rely heavily on your air conditioning unit to keep your home comfortable. However, just like any other appliance, your AC unit needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs to function at its best. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common AC services that you may schedule so you can be prepared for what your unit may need.

AC Coil Cleaning

During the hot and humid seasons, the evaporator coil tends to collect dust and debris. This buildup hinders the airflow and may even cause the system to break down. Cleaning the evaporator coil is one of the most essential AC services to ensure the system is working at its best. Your AC technician must clean the coil to remove all debris and dirt that accumulated over time.

AC Filter Replacement

Another important and straightforward AC service is the regular replacement of filters. Dirty and clogged filters decrease the system's airflow and make the unit work harder than necessary. Regular filter replacements not only help improve air quality but can also significantly reduce your energy bills.

Refrigerant Recharge

Running low on refrigerant is a common issue for many air conditioning systems. If you suspect your unit is having a cooling problem, you may need to have a technician check it over, and they may find a need to recharge or refill the refrigerant. This AC service is critical since a lack of refrigerant can cause an AC unit to overheat and break down.

Duct Cleaning

Generally, the ductwork plays a critical role in the performance of your air conditioning unit. Regular duct cleaning services are crucial to keep them free of blockages and debris. Clean ducts can improve air quality and reduce the need for frequent AC repairs.

Electrical Component Inspection and Repair

Electrical components play a vital role in running an AC unit. During this service, the technician inspects and repairs all electrical parts, including wiring and capacitors. Neglecting this AC service may lead to various issues, including short circuits and electrical fires.

An air conditioning unit is a critical appliance in any household. While you might not think about it too much until it breaks down, it is still essential to have regular maintenance to avoid costly and time-consuming AC repairs. The most common AC services, such as coil cleaning, filter replacement, refrigerant recharge, duct cleaning, and electrical component inspection and repair, can help keep your system running at its best. If you encounter any issues with your air conditioning unit, it's best to seek professional help immediately. Remember, the sooner you address any problems, the quicker and less expensive the repairs.

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Summer is Upon Us – Is Your AC Working?

Hi. My name is Laurie Waters. The HVAC contractor was just out at our house last week and did I ever get a lesson from him. You see, we had a warm spell hit and I went to turn our air conditioning on for the first time since last summer. Much to my dismay, it wasn’t working. All I got was a blast of warm air. The fan was bringing the outdoor heat inside. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything major. My unit needed Freon. While he was here, the contractor taught me how to do some routine maintenance around my unit, vents, and filters. I’m going to share this information with you. I hope you find it to be useful.

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