Why The Middle Of Summer Is The Best Time To Have Your Furnace Inspected And Repaired

Posted on: 25 July 2023

As a homeowner, you undoubtedly know that your furnace is essential to your home's HVAC system, especially in colder months, when the temperature dips to below freezing. However, it's crucial to ensure that your furnace is functioning properly because a malfunctioning furnace can pose a fire hazard, emit harmful gases, and may even break down when you need it the most. Here's what you need to know to avoid being cold next winter and why fixing your furnace when you don't need it — like in the middle of a heat wave — is so important.

The middle of summer is undoubtedly an odd time to think about your home's furnace, but it is actually the ideal time to have your furnace serviced and repaired. However, summer is when your furnace is at its least active state, and by getting it serviced during this period, you can avoid the rush and long waits that may occur during peak seasons when everyone else is booking their furnace repairs. Additionally, scheduling a furnace inspection and potential repair during the summer months will give you peace of mind, knowing that your furnace is ready to go this winter.

Signs You Need Repair

Several signs indicate that your furnace needs repair, including:

  • Making strange noises, such as screeching, banging, or hissing sounds
  • Uneven heat distribution in the house
  • Abnormally high energy bills
  • Needing to replace dirty filters frequently

Additionally, if your carbon monoxide detector alarm ever goes off, your furnace should be inspected immediately.

Common Furnace Repair Issues

Even if you diligently maintain your furnace, some common repairs may crop up, including:

  • Poor electrical connections
  • Worn-out parts such as belts, bearings, and pulleys
  • Malfunctioning fan
  • Thermostat issues
  • Broken blower motor
  • Cracks in the heat exchanger

While most people overlook scheduling a furnace inspection and repair, getting your furnace tuned up and serviced is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. Scheduling regular inspections of your furnace will extend its life span, keep it performing efficiently, prevent costly repairs or unexpected breakdowns, and ensure your safety and comfort throughout the colder months. Remember, scheduling your furnace repairs in the middle of summer is smart. Waiting until the temperatures drop is not your best move. Call your trusted HVAC professionals today and get the peace of mind you deserve. 

Reach out to a furnace repair service in your area for more information. 


Summer is Upon Us – Is Your AC Working?

Hi. My name is Laurie Waters. The HVAC contractor was just out at our house last week and did I ever get a lesson from him. You see, we had a warm spell hit and I went to turn our air conditioning on for the first time since last summer. Much to my dismay, it wasn’t working. All I got was a blast of warm air. The fan was bringing the outdoor heat inside. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything major. My unit needed Freon. While he was here, the contractor taught me how to do some routine maintenance around my unit, vents, and filters. I’m going to share this information with you. I hope you find it to be useful.

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