Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning Myths

Posted on: 4 January 2023

AC duct cleaning helps prevent contaminated air in your home. Typically, air from the outside combines with indoor particles and accumulates inside the air vents. Hiring an air conditioner duct cleaning service ensures the air you breathe at home is safe. Here are some myths about AC duct cleaning that you should beware of.

Air Ducts Don't Get Dirty

Many people claim that AC air ducts don't get dirty. The truth is ducts gather dust, pollen, and dirt. In some cases, pests like rodents create nests inside the air ducts. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect your AC air ducts yearly to determine whether they should be cleaned.

Duct Cleaning Helps with Airflow

If you are experiencing airflow issues, duct cleaning cannot resolve them. AC duct cleaning is not a solution for lack of heating and cooling or hot or cold spots. The purpose of AC duct cleaning is to eliminate small particles that have settled in your duct system. Therefore, AC duct cleaning won't change the layout of your duct's design or increase the airflow through your duct system. Also, cleaning cannot seal any openings in your duct system.

A professional needs to perform a flow hood test to resolve airflow issues. This measures the amount of air passing through your AC system. Some solutions for poor airflow include redesigning the AC duct system, enlarging duct system runs, and using an airflow balancing damper.

Dirt Ducts Aren't Harmful to Your Health

Dirty AC ducts affect the quality of indoor air and, ultimately, your health. If the air circulating through your house is contaminated with dirt, dust, and allergens, this will have a negative impact on your health. While dust doesn't seem harmful, dust mites are health hazards. When you inhale dust infested with dust mites, you will likely have allergy symptoms.

Duct Cleaning Involves Using Harmful and Toxic Chemicals

Many people avoid AC duct cleaning because they believe it involves using harmful and toxic chemicals. However, vent cleaning can be done without the use of harsh additives. Professional AC duct cleaners can effectively clean your ducts and vents with non-chemical solutions. In fact, most HVAC companies offering duct cleaning use non-chemical alternatives to achieve long-lasting results. Therefore, you should be assured that duct and vent cleaning is safe.

In Closing

It is crucial you invest in regular AC duct cleaning for the efficiency of your air conditioner and to improve your indoor air quality. Consider a professional with experience and quality solutions when searching for AC duct cleaning services. Also, compare the quotes of different service providers to find the one best suited for you.  

For more info, contact a local company. 


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