Problems That Cause Power Disruptions To Your AC Condenser

Posted on: 29 July 2022

If your air conditioner isn't running, there might be a problem with the power flow through the condenser. The power disruption could keep the fan and compressor from starting up, and without those parts functioning, your air conditioner won't work. Here are problems that can affect the power supply to your condenser outside.

The Breaker Is Flipped

Start by checking for a tripped breaker. Flip the switch all the way off and then on again to see if that resets the problem. If the breaker flips right away, leave it off and call an AC repair company to figure out the electrical problem before you flip the breaker back on.

A Fuse Is Blown

Next, you can check the disconnect box if you feel comfortable doing so. Make sure the fuse holder is seated properly. You can check for power with a multimeter if you know how. This will verify if power is coming from the electrical panel and if a fuse is bad. If you don't know how to use a multimeter, let an AC repair technician test the fuses. The results let them know if power is leaving the disconnect box so they can narrow down where the problem is located.

Check Wiring For Damage

The next step is to check the wiring from the disconnect box to the condenser where the wiring enters the side. The AC repair technician can check for power to make sure the wiring is okay. If the wire is delivering power, the problem is probably with the contactor or capacitor inside the condenser. However, the technician may also want to check the wiring from the thermostat. If the signal from the thermostat doesn't make it to the contactor, your AC can't be triggered to turn on.

Test The Contactor And Capacitor

If power enters the contactor and also comes out, then the issue could be a bad capacitor. If the problem is with the contactor, power will go in and not come out. Issues with these parts might make a clicking or humming noise that helps the technician diagnose the problem too. If either the contactor or capacitor is bad, the part can be replaced in an easy repair job. Both parts are easy to reach and disconnect, so the repairs should be done quickly.

Tracing power through the system is a good way to find out where the power is disrupted. However, working with electricity is dangerous if you don't have experience. The capacitor is an electrical part that holds a charge that can give you a bad shock even when the AC is off, so it's a good idea to call an AC repair service any time your condenser has a power problem.

For more info, contact a local professional.


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