Spring Isn't A Silly Time To Replace Your Furnace

Posted on: 25 March 2020

When spring rolls in, most people shift their focus to warm-weather activities, like gardening and spending time outside. So when you mention to someone that you plan on replacing your furnace in the spring, they will probably give you a perplexed look. Don't let their confusion deter you. Spring can be a great time — maybe even the best time — to replace an aging furnace. Here's why.

1. You have time to think and shop around.

If you replace your furnace in the fall or winter, you will need heat soon, so you may feel rushed to choose a model or an HVAC contractor to install it. In the spring, you have months until your heating will be needed again. As such, you can take your time to learn about different brands, get estimates from a few different companies, and generally research your options. You'll be able to make a decision you feel confident in, not one that feels rushed.

2. Your HVAC contractor will likely have more availability.

HVAC contractors have more time in the spring, too. Heating season has drawn to an end, and although they are typically installing a few air conditioners, the high season for AC repairs has not arrived yet. Since your HVAC contractors have more time on their hands, they'll be better able to schedule your furnace installation when it's convenient for you, and they'll also be able to take their time and do their very best job with the work.

3. You don't have to go without heat.

Good HVAC contractors work pretty quickly and can usually replace a furnace within a day or two, at most. However, in the winter, that would be a day you'd have to go without heat. In the spring, you avoid this struggle. As long as it's in the 60s outside, your home will stay perfectly comfortable while the work is being done.

4. You might get discounts.

There are a number of discounts that might be available in the spring, but not during other seasons. Furnace manufacturers often offer rebates and discounts at this time since they want to clear out old models. HVAC contractors may also offer their own discounts on labor since this is a slower season for them.

Spring is a beautiful season, and it is a great season to replace your furnace. 

To find out more about replacing your furnace, reach out to a furnace repair service near you.


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