The Serious Problem With Frozen Pipes: Why You Will Need A Plumber's Help

Posted on: 20 February 2020

Did you just notice that the pipes in your home are freezing? Having frozen pipes is never a good thing. Even if your pipes are new and strong, the water that turns to ice inside the pipes can cause those pipes to crack and break, causing extensive damage. Now that you have noticed what is happening, you need to contact a plumber. The plumber will provide the right solution to unfreeze the pipes and protect them to keep this from happening again.

Carefully Heating the Pipes

When the plumber arrives, they will get straight to work with warming the pipes to unthaw them. The process of unthawing the frozen parts of the pipes can take some time, but plumbers have high-quality heating equipment that they often bring with them when handling these types of projects, including portable heat lamps that get placed in front of the pipes to quickly warm them up. 

Checking for Any Damage

There may be a bit of damage to some pipes, but it does depend on how long they were frozen. After warming the pipes and getting rid of any ice inside of them, the plumber will look around for any signs of damage. If some pipes have even the smallest crack on them, the plumber could repair the crack to keep it from getting larger and causing more problems with leaks in the future. If the crack is too big and is not easily repairable, a replacement pipe is needed.

Covering the Pipes to Protect Them

After heating the pipes and checking for damage, the pipes are then covered by the plumber to protect them and prevent them from freezing on you all over again. You could have special heat tape applied to the pipes to keep them from becoming too cold when the temperature is low. Other types of insulation materials are available for wrapping pipes to keep them from getting too cold. The plumber will go over some of the choices and help you decide what to have your pipes wrapped with.

Finding out that your pipes are frozen is frustrating. When this happens, water does not flow through the pipes as it should, and it can cause massive damage to your pipes. You must get immediate help from a plumber who can use heating devices to warm the pipes, look for any damage to the pipes, and then wrap your pipes with certain materials to help you avoid any future problems. Contact local plumbing services for more information. 


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