Should You Even Consider Installing Radiant Floor Heating?

Posted on: 22 January 2019

Although radiant floor heating has been around for centuries, it is not something that many people in the US consider using to heat their home. However, it is a very efficient method. Not only will it keep the air in the house at a comfortable temperature, but it will also do so in a manner that allows you to use less energy. Very basically, radiant floor heating is done with either electric wires and pads or with water tubes under the flooring, These then heat the floor, and the heat will disperse upward throughout the room. Because the warm air is not forced in rapidly, it does not quickly rise to the roof and cool down. Instead, it gradually and naturally flows upward, heating as it goes. There are a few things you need to consider before having this type of heating installed.

Installation Process

If you are going to be replacing the flooring or having a new house or room built, go ahead and have radiant floor heating installed. However, if you did not have any plans to rip out the old floor, your only option will be to use the electric pads version of the system. The pads can be installed from underneath the flooring, between the joists. This system is not as effective as the water tube version and is usually only used for a single, bottom-floor room.

Type of Flooring

You should consider the type of flooring that will be used in the rooms before having radiant heat installed. This type of system works best for concrete, stone, or tile floors. You can use vinyl or linoleum on top of concrete or stone, but keep in mind that these will reduce the amount of heat a bit (although this can be a good thing if the floor is getting too hot at times.) It will also work well with a wood floor as long as you explain to the flooring contractor what you will be doing so they can make sure to account for the extra heat coming up through the floor and causing it to expand and contract. While the heating system will work with carpeting, it will not be as effective because the material will absorb some of the heat.

Radiant floor heating can be a great way to heat your home and save money. Talk with local heating installation contractors to discuss having it installed in a new house or addition.


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