Old Home Plumbing Upgrades Are Easier Than Ever

Posted on: 6 September 2017

Has your home been standing for over 3 decades? A lot has changed in the world of plumbing since the 1980's or even the 1990's, and even if you've had a few small pipes replaced, there are entire pipe systems and theories that could make your home's liquid flow more efficient. Here are a few plumbing changes and device installations to bring your home up to modern standards without breaking the bank.

Subtle Pipe Changes Are Cheaper

The most basic plumbing change has a fairly big impact. Compared to 30 years ago, pipe prices have plummeted to a steal. The pipes are bigger and cheaper because of the increasing power of the recycling industry, and the power of computers to create more intricate designs. Even if you're not an environmentalist, those plastic bottle recycling campaigns still have a positive effect on your wallet.

With these larger pipes, clogs become less of an issue. Although you should never drop solid foods down the pipes, and accidental radish chunk shouldn't cause an immediate blockage and clog. it also gives you more time to remove calcified blockage and other buildup inside the pipes.

Pipe design is not random or accidental, as the shapes are meant to take advantage of suction and gravity. New shaping technology makes the benefit even better, as intricate changes can be made through computer design that is more accessible for more plumbing professionals at even the small design business level.

Device Additions For Flow And Temperature

Does your home have a garbage disposal? It's great for more than just destroying food.

A side benefit of the garbage disposal is that it creates a vortex of water. This water moves at higher speeds and pressure than simple faucet water, and can push waste through the pipes easier without clogging. 

Every garbage disposal device has a limit to what it can destroy, so be careful. Be sure to look for disposal models that have safety features to help you get any dropped rings, or to protect small children from getting injured if they stick their hands in a running disposal unit.

How does your home get hot water? Instead of relying on big hot water pumps, there are in-line water heaters that do their job by heating through the outside of metal pipes, allowing you to get a faster water heat treatment without wasting as much electricity or space on a water heater.

Contact a plumbing contractor to discuss other improvements for old homes in need of plumbing upgrades.


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