Radiant Heating: Common Misconceptions From Business Owners

Posted on: 7 June 2017

As a business owner, choosing the appropriate form of heat for your building could easily be deemed as one of the most important decisions you make. In business, it is all about offsetting costs to enhance your profits, and heating your building is one of the areas in which improvements can be made. While radiant floor heating is a logical choice in a business setting, most business owners will skip over the whole idea and go for something more traditional where heating units are concerned. Take a look at three of the common misconceptions that often play a part in business owners not picking radiant floor heating for their place of business.

Misconception: Radiant floor heating is not an efficient option in a large place of business.

Truth: Radiant heating is actually considered to be one of the most efficient forms of heat, whether you are a residential or business property owner. This form of heating keeps heat loss at a minimum because it provides warmth from the ground up. Because heat naturally rises, the system will not have to work as hard to add warmth to your building and get it up to a predetermined temperature level.

Misconception: Radiant floor heating does not offer even heating throughout the large building.

Truth: Forced air heat systems are actually more limited than radiant heating systems where even heat distribution is concerned. If you have radiant floor heating, the lines beneath the floor heat up the floor first as a solid structure and then the heat radiates up from there to fill the rest of the space. Therefore, you will not have issues with cold spots unless there is a section of the radiant heat that is not working properly.

Misconception: Radiant floor heating does not work well with commercial flooring types.

Truth: Radiant floor heating is better suited for specific types of floor, but this does not mean that commercial flooring does not fit into that equation. Most commercial flooring is hard surface in form, whether it is ceramic tile or concrete. Therefore, the radiant lines can be installed easily and the system will probably work just fine with what you have in place.

In the end, radiant floor heating can definitely be a good heat system choice for your place of business. Make sure you talk to air conditioning contractors for more information about installing radiant floor heating in your place of business.


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